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Information for each entry includes the selling firm's name, the date and place of the sale, the selling price for a lot including any buyer's premium buy not including sales taxes, the number of bottles in that lot, and the selling price per bottle. Sales in currencies other than dollars are converted to dollars as of the date of the sale.

Auction results coverage includes:

Auction House Location ( s)
Acker, Merrall & Condit New York, Chicago, Hong Kong
Artcurial Briest-Poulan-F. Tajan(Pending) Paris
Aste Bolaffi(Pending) Piedmonte
Baghera(Pending) Geneva
Bonhams(Pending) London
Bonhams and Butterfield San Francisco
Brightwells(Pending) Herefordshire
Bruun Rasmussen(Pending) Copenhagen
Catherine Chausson(Pending) Toulouse
Chiswick(Pending) London
Christies New York, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Beaune, Hong Kong
Cote Basque Encheres(Pending) Aquitaine
DognyAuction(Pending) Lausanne
Edward Roberts International(Pending) Chicago, San Francisco
Hart Davis Hart Chicago
Henry’s Auktionshaus(Pending) Rheinland-Pfalz
Heritage Auctions Beverly Hills
Hotel Des Ventes Des Graves(Pending) Aquitaine
Heublein(Pending) Chicago
IDealwine(Pending) Hong Kong, London, Paris
Koppe(Pending) Bremen
Langton’s(Pending) Melbourne, Sydney
Lawsons(Pending) New South Wales
Le Chesnay Encheres(Pending) Paris
Morell New York
Le Chesnay Encheres(Pending) Paris
Morphets of Harrogate(Pending) Yorkshire
Munich Wine Company(Pending) Munich
Phillips(Pending) New York, St Louis
Pierre Berge(Pending) Paris
Ravenel(Pending) Taipei
Ricardo(Pending) Zug
Skinner(Pending) Boston
Sothebys New York, Chicago, London, Hong Kong
Spectrum Irvine, Hong Kong, Beverly Hills
Tajan(Pending) Paris
Vin.auction(Pending) Belgium
Wallys(Pending) Los Angeles
Webb’s(Pending) Aukland
Wermuth Auktionen(Pending) Zurich
Wine Auctioneer(Pending) Perth
Winebid(Pending) Napa
Zachys New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong
Zachys/Wallys(Pending) Los Angeles

These firms are the principle sources of non-current release collectible and investment grade wines worldwide.


Wine names can be confusing. An example is Beaulieu Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon, Georges de Latour, Private Reserve, which is known by that name, by parts of that name, and even by the acronym BV.

Names are occasionally misstated or misspelled by the auction firm staff. When our research indicates that the name is incorrect, we make a correction. If it is impossible to determine which wine is intended that lot is omitted.

For California wines, some producers use the word “Estate” in the wine name, others do not, and some auction catalogs add the word “Estate” to certain California wines whether it appears on the bottle label or not.

Some Burgundy producers whose wine originates in a named vineyard site use an article such as "les" or "aux" which may or may not agree with the actual site name, and some articles used with a particular vineyard site can change from vintage to vintage.

Some California wines are alternately referred to as Proprietary Red and Cabernet Sauvignon. The word Meritage may also be used for such wines.

The Australian wine Penfolds Grange appears in catalogs that way and also as Hermitage Grange Bin 95 and also as Grange Hermitage and also as Penfolds Grange Shiraz.

In sum, starting with a confusing list of names and dozens of different interpretations of those names, we try to be as correct as possible. If you don't find the name you seek look for variations on the name or even parts of the name. If you see any obvious errors please let us know.


Most bottle sizes are traditional and are clear. However, Jeroboams present an unusual problem. Traditionally, in Bordeaux a Jeroboam contained six bottles, or 4.5 liters, and in Burgundy, a Jeroboam contained four bottles or 3.0 liters. So-called Jeroboams originating in other growing areas come in a range of sizes. We report the size reported by the auction house.

Misc. 250 MISC
Half Bottle 375 HB
Two Thirds Bottle 500 2/3
Misc. 700 MISC
Bottle 750 B
Misc. 800 MISC
Fiascho 1000 F
Magnum 1500 M
Tappet 2000 T
Marie-Jeanne 2250 MJ
Double Magnum 3000 DM
Jeroboam (Burgundy) 3000 JY
Jeroboam (Italian) 3000 MISC
Misc. 3780 MISC
Dame-Jeanee 3875 DJ
Jeroboam (Bordeaux) 4000 JX
Jeroboam (Bordeaux) 4500 JZ
Jeroboam (California) 5000 JC
Misc. 5000 MISC
Rheoboam 5000 R5
Rheoboam 6000 R6
Imperial 6000 I
Methuselah 6000 ME
Misc. 6000 I
Misc. 9000 MISC
Salmanazar 9000 S
Balthazar 12000 BA
Misc. 12000 MISC
Misc 12600 MISC
Misc 12750 MISC
Misc 13000 MISC
Nebuchadnezzar 13500 N13
Nebuchadnezzar 1500 N
Melchoir 1800 MR
Sovereign 26000 SN


  • Prices realized for mixed lots which contain two or more different wines or vintages or bottle sizes are not reported since the selling price per bottle cannot be accurately computed.
  • Prices shown are the lot selling price and the price per bottle. DRC Assortments are priced by the entire case, not per bottle. A few other assortments are listed.
  • Wines selling below $10 per bottle are deleted.
  • Ullage levels of bottom neck and above are not given. Other Ullage designations are as follows: UVHS is very high shoulder, UHS is high shoulder, UHMS is high/mid shoulder, UMS is mid-shoulder, ULMS is low/mid shoulder, and ULS is low shoulder. Ullages in Burgundy-style bottles are given in inches or centimeters.
  • Other conditions: C is capsule (covers all capsule problems), L is label (also covers all problems and includes relabeled, handwritten, and missing). SS is signs of seepage or leakage. R is recorked. Reconditioned means what it says. NEB is not estate bottled.

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