Alan Factor, who is well-known in the fine wine collecting community as Burgundy Al, is a life-long strategy consultant, mostly working with Private Equity and large enterprises on mergers, post-merger integration, and related post-merger efficiencies. Alan began his consulting career in the 1980s at Bain & Co., where his Tampa, FL-based client first took him to Bern’s Steak House, changing forever the way he thinks about food and wine, and igniting his decades-long passion for Burgundy.
Alan has been building his cellar from the 1980s, with an early and fortunate appreciation for Burgundy. He has been visiting Burgundy at least once each year for the past two decades, making friends with both long-standing domaines and newly-started negociants. Alan travels the world for great wine and great food, although he defines that “world” as mostly the stretch between Dijon and Cornas, with obligatory stops for nourishment in Paris!

  • January 2023