How to search for a wine ?


Once you login, you will automatically be redirected to the Wine Search page. You can then begin performing searches. At the bottom of the Wine Search page, if you have previously saved any searches, the five most recent saved searches will be listed along with links to view the results. Please note that you can also use our Compare Wine Prices feature by clicking on the icon at the top of the page. Using this functionality, you can compare, graph and download the results for four different wines or vintages.

To search for a Wine in the main search, just type a keyword in the Search textbox and click the Search button to see the results.

The Results are displayed in a tabular format and contain columns such as Producer Name, Label Name, and Grape Variety. And also show data for High, Low, and Average prices for the selected Search.

The 'Producer Name' has a link which when clicked takes you to the detailed information for that wine.